In fair Verona

Since my roommate and I had no plans for Sunday we decided to go to Verona for the day. The tickets were only 12 euros each way from Milano to Verona and we reached in less than two hours. Verona is small enough that you can see all the sites by walking so we walked to the main square right in front of the huge Arena. There were many restaurants and bars with outdoor seating so we decided to have some breakfast outside with a view of the beautiful square. We had a typical Italian breakfast with cappuccinos and brioches and just soaked in the relaxed atmosphere of Verona. The locals were all enjoying their coffees and drinks and soaking in the beautiful day. Afterwards we headed to the Arena and since it was the first Sunday of the month we were able to go inside for just 1 euro. It was incredible to sit where Romans sat hundreds of years ago and get a view of the city from above.IMG_5413  IMG_5430IMG_5442

A short walk from the Arena was Casa di Giulietta or Juliet’s House where we were able to see Juliet’s Balcony and write letter to Juliet. It was amazing to see all the letter tourists and locals alike had written in front of Juliet’s home. We then walked down the street to see Torre dei Lamberti and Piazza Erbe both had beautiful architecture and cute Italian buildings. One of the most beautiful spots in Verona was the Ponte Pietra a bridge that connects two sides of the city. The pristine water way next to the Italian buildings was gorgeous and any photographers dream shot. We were able to see all Verona had to offer in a couple hours and headed back on the train that afternoon. I was able to see Verona for less than 30 euros!

Balcone di Giulietta
Letter to Juliet
Ponte Pietra

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