Ski Weekend In Aprica

This weekend I went on a ski trip with the Bocconi Ski Club to Aprica. We left pretty early in the morning on Saturday on a charter bus and drove for 3 hours to get the hotel we would be staying at called the Meublè Ambrosini. The hotel itself was very nice and walking distance to the slopes which was really nice. After checking in we hit the slopes right away and the view was breathtaking. You could see an amazing panoramic of the Italian mountains.


P1030203 P1030198

At the end of the day we had dinner and drinks on top of the mountain at 2000 meters. We had a super traditional italian meal with multiple courses. An Italian meal starts with drinks and little snacks like pickled veg, beans, cheese and cold cuts. Then comes the primi piatti (first course) which usually consists of salad, pasta or risotto. Then secondi piatti (second course) consisting of some sort of meat dish and polenta. Then of course is dessert, and if you’re really Italian you have an espresso or caffe correcto (espresso with grappa, a type of liquor) after dinner. Below is the Italian food pyramid that my friend created that I think aptly describes my nutrition (or lack of) in Italy.

Italian food pyramid

After dinner we were presented with little head lights and had to ski in the night back down the mountain. This was probably one of the most scary skiing experiences I have ever had because the mountain wasn’t lit at all so the only light we had was our little headlamps. And of course we ended up missing the easier path and had to take a black run down part of the mountain. It was a pretty awesome experience to ski under the moonlight, but I don’t plan on doing it ever again.

Overall the weather was amazing and I had an incredible time skiing in Italy and getting to know other Bocconi students. It also inspired me to maybe go skiing again this semester? Or at least come back to ski in the alps some time with actual ski gear and not just the cheapest snow pants I could find at Decathalon (men’s large, yes imagine me in my men’s large ski pants).


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