Epic Spring Break Part 1 ATHENS

Bocconi has a very different semester schedule then I was used to back home. Halfway through the semester we had a dead week to study for midterms, a week of midterms and then a week off for Easter. So since I didn’t have any midterms I ended up getting 3 weeks off, so of course my friends and I used that time to plan a spring break that ranged 3 weeks, 5 countries and countless extraordinary memories. Our first stop was Athens, Greece. Once we arrived we headed to our Airbnb which was only 10 minutes walk from the Acropolis and on this really lovely street filled with orange trees. The apartment itself was perfect for our little group of 6; we had two rooms and a common area with two futons. So of course we created a giant crash pad in the living room made of these futons where we would relax and hang out between sightseeing. After dropping our luggage we headed out to grab a late lunch. We ended up at a restaurant across from the Acropolis and got typical greek food which in my case was an amazing greek salad. P1030230 Later that day we were all exhausted from traveling so we ended up just stopping by the grocery store and cooking some dinner and hanging out at our Airbnb. The next day we headed over to the Acropolis Museum since it was quite rainy outside. It turned out to be a National Holiday so we got FREE entry into the Museum. Inside were a lot of neat artifacts from the Acropolis and history of the site. IMG_6836 Once we left we decided to head to the Monostraiki area to grab some lunch and look around the flea market. On our way we passed this amazing lookout point with a great view of the city as well as the Acropolis. P1030251 P1030245 (1) Once in Monostraiki we wanted to avoid the tourist trap restaurants so we walked around until we came across a pretty cool souvlaki place on the edge of the area. There we were able to get some really tasty appetizers and souvlaki wraps for only €2! P1030262 P1030264 We then headed over to try a famous greek donut (Loukoumade) place. Loukoumades are basically donut holes covered in either honey or nutella. As the rest of Europe Greeks were pretty obsessed with putting nutella on practically all desserts, but Greek honey was also a famous thing which we found on these donuts and Greek yoghurt. IMG_6981 We then walked to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where we were just in time to see the changing the guard. Their ceremony was quite interesting because they had very precise movements that were a lot like a choreographed dance. It was incredible to see their commitment and the emotions of the audience. P1030270 As the weather started to get worse we decided to head back to the Airbnb at that point. We had quite a chilled night in cooking dinner and watch Hercules because we just had to while in Greece. The next morning we encountered terrible rainy weather once again so we decided to take a day trip to the Temple of Poseidon because we wanted to save the Acropolis for a day with better weather. We took a bus from the city center and it took about 2 hours to reach the temple which was at the very tip of the Greece. We joked that Poseidon was pretty angry that day because of the rain, wind and turbulent seas. Nevertheless we had a nice time viewing it and walking around the a beautiful spot on the coast line. P1030338 P1030322 On the next we got up and saw the sun finally shining in Greece so we headed to the Acropolis before the sun changed its mind. The Acropolis itself was pretty cool to see, but all the scaffolding on the Parthenon kind of put a damper on it. But it was cool to think about all the famous heroes and legends that must have walked upon the same soil and steps as we were. The Acropolis also provided a fantastic view of Athens which is actually a massive sprawling city. I hadn’t realized how large it was until seeing it from above. IMG_6885 IMG_6870 IMG_6861

Epic Spring Break Crew
Epic Spring Break Crew

We then headed over to the Temple of Zeus which was also in the area. This temple was actually pretty well in tact and surrounded by green grass and blue skies made it look quite beautiful. We really enjoyed laying in the grass and soaking in the sun we had sorely missed our first few days in Greece. IMG_6946 IMG_6973 We were pretty tired of all the walking so after a quick lunch we decided to take a short break in the afternoon. In the evening we decided to go to the Gazi district where there are a lot of cool restaurants and bars. We decided to try a cute college themed bar for dinner where I got a really tasty crepe stuffed with spinach and feta. The next day was our last in Athens as we were flying to Rome that evening. We decided to hike up Mount Lycabettus which provided the best view of Athens and the Acropolis. As an outdoorsy person I loved this small hiking trip and the view from the top was truely wonderful. We could see the ocean, the Acropolis and the vast sprawling city. IMG_7021 On our way to lunch we ended up accidentally walking through a beautiful city park. We really enjoyed this stroll given the wonderful weather and spring in the air. IMG_7047 IMG_7050 IMG_7040 Finally our last stop in Athens was going to Falafellas which was a falafel shop that we had seen a huge cue in front of it the day before. This was probably the best falafel that I have ever had! It was so good that I ate it before I could get a picture. Needless to say I recommend if you are ever in Greece visit Falafellas for a really good falafel experience! Our Greek experience can basically be summed up as visiting a lot of temples and eating amazing fresh greek food like feta, falafels, yogurt and donuts. My next post will be about the next part of Epic Spring Break: ROME!


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