ROME La citta eterna

We arrived in Rome pretty late at night and lost an hour to the time change so it was tough to get going the next day, but we powered through to go see the Colosseum and Roman Forum. But first we stopped by Pompi the best Tiramasu place in Rome which I think by default makes it the best Tiramasu place in the world. Since it was breakfast, we decided to hold out and just get a classic Italian breakfast of brioche and cappuccino. It felt good to be back in Italy where you could have a tasty breakfast for just 2 euros.

Once we made it to the Colloseum we were able to skip the lines since we reserved our tickets in advance. Walking around the Colloseum was pretty cool to think of what a grand and important place it had been during Roman times. Some of the highlights were seeing the maze where they kept the animals in times and seeing ancient Roman graffiti.




After the colloseum we headed over to the Roman Forum which is basically the ruins of the area that Romans used to hang out and have meetings.


Afterwards we headed to the Pantheon which was pretty neat to see in real life after studying it in my Roman Archaeology class freshmen year. It was interesting to read how many times the Pantheon had been re purposed from a tomb to a church to a mosque to a tourist attraction. Rafael and Victor Emanuel are currently buried there.


Afterwards we grabbed some gelato from a popular place called Frigidarium because we wouldn’t be able to have gelato for another 2 weeks! Then we headed over to Piazza Navona to eat our gelatos by the fountain.


We then walked over to get the Spanish Steps and passed an under-construction Trevi Fountain where the group fangirled over the spot that Lizzie McGuire apparently stood. We were able to get a great view of sunset over Rome with the hoards of tourists at the Spanish Steps.


At night we met up with Maddie’s Dad since he just happened to be in Rome at the same time. It was great to meet him since when you make friends while studying abroad or in college you never really get to meet their family or friends back home. And at night we grabbed some Tiramasu from the world famous Pompi and crashed because we walked like 12 miles that day!

The next day we headed to Vatican City to see St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum which houses the Sistine Chapel. We thought if we got there pretty early the line for St. Peter’s wouldn’t be that long but it still wrapped all the way along the square. But we passed the time pretty quickly playing 20 questions Disney version and were inside in about an hour! Inside the Vatican was incredible. There was statues and amazing art.



IMG_7200Later on we headed to the Vatican Museum where we were able to skip the line again with our reserved tickets. Inside the Vatican I got enough art for a life time, and snuck a picture of the Sistine Chapel even though it wasn’t allowed.





That was basically all the things we had time to do during our very short visit to Rome. I would really like to go and visit again someday to see some of the less touristy attractions and spend some quality time there. Nevertheless our short time in Rome was amazing and then we headed off to London! I am also super behind on the blog posts so be expected lots of them very soon!


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