By the time we reached Amsterdam we were getting quite tired. We had already been traveling for 2 weeks and our legs were killing us. And since we weren’t interested in doing any of the more questionale activities that Amsterdam had to offer we decided to take it easy the 4 days we were in town. Below are the main attractions we decided to see while there.


Luckily we were in Amsterdam during the time that tulips were blooming, usually from the end of may through the end of April. Keukenhof was about an hour and a half away from Amsterdam central so we had to take a bus to the airport from where were waited in a very long line to get on another shuttle to the Keukenhof park. The park itself was huge and very beautiful. The flower gardens, ponds, wind mill and beautiful displays. One of my favorite things was the display that was Van Goph themed. They made arrangements that were inspired by Van Goph’s works and picture displays where you could take a picture as if you were in the famous painting.








But wait there’s more. Yes I put a lot of flower pictures. Flowers are pretty! Now prepare yourself to see some very yummy delicious food as my friend Jasmine would say. Amsterdam street food is pretty popular and very unhealthy. We had a lot of fries, waffles, stroopwaffles and pancakes.


IMG_7668 IMG_7665


When my friends and I asked our hostel receptionist what the best time to go to the Anne Frank House was he said that we should go at 5 am because the line wraps several blocks. Obviously my friends and I weren’t too excited about getting up that early, but were very committed to seeing the Anne Frank House so we decided to compromise and get there at 7 am as the museum didn’t even open until 9 am. Kim and I volunteered to wait in line and luckily were 8th in line. After standing for a while in the cold we finally got in and it was definitely worth it. The Diary of Anne Frank had been one of my favorite pieces of literature I had to read for school and seeing the actual annex that she lived in for all that time. I had forgotten how young, brilliant and thoughtful she was. Seeing her writing juxtaposed with the somber and solemn atmosphere of the house really conveyed to meaningfulness of her experience. It has now become my favorite museum not because it was enjoyable but because of its significance and meaning.



We spent a lot of our time just taking in the canals, the architecture and some nice city parks. We even rented a paddle boat and got to roam around inside the canals although it was pretty scary when larger tour boats honked at us to get out of their way.

Luckily we got pretty nice sunny weather so we were able to spend a lot of time just sitting in parks and enjoying the sunshine. Below is a picture of the popular I AMSTERDAM sign. We also checked out a cool live jazz club where there was a guest Italian opera singer. Being there made us feel pretty cool and hip. All in all we had a great time in Amsterdam and were ready to head to our last destination on Epic Spring Break: Barcelona!

Blog post coming soon.




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