NE Canada Road Trip Part II

Day 4 Quebec City, Quebec/ Montreal, Quebec

In the second half of our week long NE roadtrip my family and I visit Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls. Before we left Quebec City we decided to stop by Montmorency Falls. This large waterfall was very close to the city center and had a stunning suspension bridge across the top of the fall that was accessible by stairs or cable car. I took the stairs route that had wonderful views the whole way up to the falls. It was great to see tourists and locals alike getting out the enjoy the falls on a beautiful day.


Then we hit the road for the three hour drive to Montreal. Although this drive wasn’t the most interesting we spiced things up with a pit stop at Tim Horton’s. Despite being to Canada a couple times before this was my first experience and Tim Horton’s and I was impressed. Not only is coffee pretty good but the maple donuts are amazing.

When we reached Montreal it had started to drizzle but we still wanted to walk around and see the old city. We were able to see a little bit of the Old Montreal including Notre Dame Basilica and Montreal City Hall. The Notre Dame Basilica was a great refuge to to the pouring rain. The inside was absolutely stunning, especially the beautiful sculpture in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.





Day 5 Montreal, Quebec

The next morning we went to an excellent patisserie, Maison Christian Faure, to have croissants and french desserts that would rival any patisserie in Europe. We then headed off to Olympic Park. Which is the home of the Montreal 1980 Olympic Stadium, Biodome, Insectorium and Planetarium. We bought a package ticket to go up the tower of the Olympic Stadium get entrance into the Biodome and the Planetarium. The tower did provide spectacular views of Montreal and the St. Lawrence River but I did not think the Biodome and Planetarium were worth the expensive tickets. After finishing up at the Planetarium we headed out of Montreal to drive to Toronto.



Day 6 Toronto, Ontario

Since we only had 1 day in Toronto we tried to make the most of it by heading off to the CN Tower bright and early in the morning. We hopped on a train which was quite easy and cheap transportation that dropped us off only a couple blocks from the tower. We didn’t have to wait in line long before we took the elevator up to stunning 360 views of Toronto.

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Then we headed over to St. Lawrence Market which was just a 20 minute walk from the CN Tower. The Market had an amazing variety of food that really reflected the diversity of Toronto. We were able to have noodles, falafel and ravioli all from different stalls at the market.


In the afternoon we took a ferry over to Toronto Island. The Ferry trip itself provided stunning views of the Toronto skyline and island was covered with wonderful trees, ponds, a beach and little gardens. The island was not only a popular tourist destination but we could also see locals day tripping with picnic baskets over to the island. It was definitely a lovely way to spend the beautiful summer afternoon in Toronto.


Day 7 Niagara Falls, Ontario

After a quick hour drive out of Toronto we reached Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Although both parts of the falls are visible from the American side I do think that the development and views from the Canadian side are slightly better. We stayed at the Marriott on the Falls which had spectacular views of Niagara Falls right out of our hotel room window, which I think was well worth the extra money. In the afternoon we took the Hornblower ferry ride that got us up close and personal with the falls. Which is an incredible experience as long as you don’t mind getting a little wet.




In the evening we took a walk along the promenade to catch the falls lit up for the night and watch the beautiful fireworks they set off Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings during the summertime. The falls are beautiful and awe-inspiring but there is not much else to see in the city so one afternoon and evening was all we needed. Niagara Falls was the perfect ending to our rapid-fire tour of the NE US and Canada.


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